Reliable documentation is a requirement for ensuring competitiveness and profitable operations. Documenting a company’s essential information and products is vital because it guarantees that the company retains its knowhow even if its personnel changes. Top-of-the-line documentation is a tool for achieving efficient and convincing sales, and ensures the appropriate use of the products. Documentation is important to our customers because they use it to guarantee conformity with quality management systems, CE markings and the machinery directive, among other things.

Our documentation services include product literature such as operating manuals, spare parts catalogues, maintenance and installation instructions and workshop manuals.

Documentation can be provided as part of a larger delivery or as a separate service.


Owner’s manual for Amomatic

The starting point of the project was to create an owner’s manual for our customer Amomatic, which operates in the delivery of asphalt plants, supplemental operating systems, maintenance and a deep knowledge of the processes concerning asphalt production and plants.

The CE- marked manuals were created based on each product module – where some of the modules relied on the older documentation material, the new systems such as AmoControl operating system had no existing manual. The absolute requirement was efficient language, clarity and the validity of the information.

The documentation projects are put in place to guarantee watertight instructions, that leave no room for speculation. Depending on customers’ wishes, the factual information may be supported by a visual look or a certain style to address the concerned stakeholders. The manual operates right in the client interface, since the manuals are provided in connection to the delivery of the product.