Machine and equipment design

Our customer may already have a specific idea for a device or product that needs to be transformed into a working product – which is when they contact us. We then map out the customer’s needs and draw up specifications for the project. We also carry out projects where the customer’s idea has not yet taken shape; we start with a blank canvas together with the customer. The process varies depending on the customer. We often begin with a prototype after which we finalise the designs. We implement strength analyses in order to optimise the product and to achieve a CE marking.

Our areas of special expertise include mechanical engineering, designing truck bodies, in addition to a variety of production equipment and tools.

The software we use includes Pro/E, Solid Works and Auto Cad.

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Pakettiauton kuormanosturi Haulermanille 2011


Asiakkaalla oli toive kuormanosturista, joka tulisi kiinteäksi osaksi pakettiautoa, hän oli yhteydessä meihin ja kaipasi apua idean saattamiseksi toimivaksi tuotteeksi.

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