Tools and fixtures

We specialise in manufacturing short series, prototype series and precision components. Our delivery times adapt to our customers’ needs.

Machined components

Our machining offering includes turning, milling, drilling, keyway milling and engraving. Typically, our batch sizes are small and tolerances are tight.

Electrical discharge machining

Our machining offering also includes electrical discharge machining using CNC. Our wire-cut EDM (Fanuc Robocut) and sinker EDM enable extreme precision and the manufacture of components with demanding shapes.

Welded structures

We manufacture welded structures using the MIG/MAG methods. Our capabilities also include the boring of small and medium-sized welded structures. For sheet metal cutting and surface treatment we rely on our supplier network.


We carry out surface, profile and circular grinding on components that require high precision and surface finish. We also offer tool regrinding services.

Heat treatment

Our production includes the hardening of small components using three heat treatment furnaces.

Assembly and project services

We deliver turnkey projects, in which we take care of everything from the design to the manufacture of the product, ready for delivery to the customer.


Konelistaus (max. työkappalekoot)

  • CNC- työstökeskus 1 kpl (H500 W800 L1000 500kg)
  • Lankasaha CNC 1 kpl (H250 W370 L520 500kg)
  • Uppokipinä CNC 1 kpl (H300 W400 L300 500kg)
  • Sorvit 6 kpl (Ø600 L1000)
  • Jyrsimet 4 kpl (H500 W500 L1000)
  • Säteispora 1 kpl
  • Pylväsporakoneet 3 kpl
  • Hitsaus Mig/Mag 2 kpl (H2500 W2500 L6000)
  • Koordinaattiporat 2 kpl (H500 W500 L800)
  • Aarpora 1 kpl (Ø1000 H1200 W1200)
  • Kiilaurajyrsin 1 kpl (Ø500 H150)
  • Pyöröhiontakoneet 2 kpl (Ø250, L520)
  • Profiili- ja tasohionta 4 kpl (H300 W300 L1000)
  • Työkaluhiontakoneet 2 kpl
  • Kaiverruskone 1 kpl
  • Lämpökäsittelyuunit 3 kpl (H150 W150 L150)
  • Hydrauliprässi 160t 1 kpl
  • ROMER 3D mittakäsi ja ohjelmisto